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Custom Designed Assembly Machine
Custom Designed Assembly Machine

Custom Designed Tube Endforming Cell

Custom Designed Assembly Machines

Process Tanks

Custom Designed Welding Cell

Custom Designed Resistance Welding Cell

Weld Fixtures For Trunnion Tables

Welding Fixture

Custom Hydaulic Power Unit With Accumulators

Custom Built Hydraulic Power Unit

Dedicated Tube Bender

Dedicated Tube Bender

Lomar Machine & Tool Company is an Authorized FANUC Robotics Integrator.

Custom Designed Assembly MachineCustom Designed Assembly MachinesCustom Designed Welding CellWeld Fixtures For Trunnion TablesCustom Hydaulic Power Unit With AccumulatorsDedicated Tube Bender

Custom Designed Machines

Machines can be custom designed for specific applications and functions such as dedicated tube benders, clip assembly and leak testing of fluid conveyance lines.

We can also help with automating repetitive task processes, Lomar is an Authorized FANAC Robotics Integrator.

Machines are designed to meet specific applications and regulatory requirements such as, CSA, CE and NR12.

Do you have a application you would like us to look at?  Call us or email us today!


  • Component Assembly Machines
  • Dedicated Tube Benders
  • Gear Shift Level Benders
  • Clip Assembly Machines
  • Welding Cells
  • Induction and Flame Brazing Machines
  • Repetitive Task Automation
  • Leak Testing Cells
  • Automated Tube End Forming Cells
  • Custom Hydraulic Systems

Automated Tube Swaging Machine

Automated tube swaging machine with auto load tube hopper, seam detection and tube length check for improved repeatability of process. Pick and place transfer system, insertion of I.D. Mandrels on both ends of tube for swaging of tube.

Dedicated Tube bender with Robot Part Transfer

Custom designed dedicated tube bender with auto load part chute and robot part transfer and unload.

Automated Tube Manufacturing Cell

Custom designed tube bending, punching and end forming machine, produces two left hand and two right hand parts every minute.

Tube Notching Cell

Customers prior tube notching operation was performed in a progressive die set with an hourly through put of 125 pieces. Lomar designed auto load system with pick and place part transfer with tube notching and end foming to produce 480 parts per hours.

Weld Fixtures

Custom designed weld fixtures.

Weld Fixtures

Welding Cells

Lomar designs and builds custom welding cells. Choose from dedicated cells or cells with interchangeable fixtures for flexibility. Robotic integration for welding and part transfer, or manual load and unload cells with fixed part placement.

Resistance Welding Station

Hose Cut Off

Hose Cut Off machine features include; servo controlled pay-off motor which allows operator to change the acceleration, pay-off and de-acceleration speeds. Digital set point for length and batch cycles.

Servo Hose Pay Off and Cut Off Machine

Custom Cells

Turn Key Manufacturing cells with autoload, pick & place transfer systems, crimping, tube endforming and robotic parts transfer and auto unload.

Manufacturing Cell

Custom Hydraulic Systems

Custom designed hydraulic systems specific to customers application.

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