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Helium Leak Tester For Automotive Air Conditioing Lines
Helium Leak Tester For Automotive Air Conditioing Lines

Custom designed helium leak test tables incorporated into standardized docking stations to reduce cost and provide quick change.

Helium Leak Tester Table

Quick Change Helium Leak Test Tables

Helium Leak Tester For Automotive Air Conditioing LinesHelium Leak Tester Table

Helium Leak Tester

Lomar Helium Leak Testers eliminate the variables and errors inherent in manual leak testing processes.  Instead of testing for leaks with a hand-held “sniffer”, Lomar Leak Testers use a series of clam shell fixtures each with a fixed detector probe that individually encapsulates and test every potential leak point on a part.

By automating the testing process, Lomar Leak Testers produce results that are far more accurate, sensitive and repeatable. This, in turn, means the high quality data generated by these tests can be used to precisely identify recurring leak points.

Custom engineered for each application, Lomar Helium Leak Testers can be designed as dedicated unit for a specific part, or they can be built with interchangeable tables for testing a range of products.




  • Air Conditioning Lines
  • Air Bag Tubes
  • Fuel Filler Necks
  • Fluid Handling Lines


ELECTRICAL: 120V, 1-PH, 60Hz

AIR CONSUMPTION: Application Dependent

MACHINE CYCLE TIME: Application Dependent


• HMI provides real-time feed back on process.

• In-car positioning of part provides correct assembly verification.


  • Two-section horizontal light curtains
  • Interchangeable part tables for quick change-over.
  • Part pass – marking systems
  • Helium reclaim systems
  • Part/component presence sensors
  • CE/CSA/NR12 compliance available

Ready to get started?

Make sure to have the following items handy when making your request for quote:

  • Tube Assembly Print (with coordinates)
  • Component Prints
  • Leak Specification
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