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Hose Crimping Die Set
Hose Crimping Die Set
Hose Crimping Die Set
Crimped Power Steering Line
Crimped Fuel Line
Crimped Hydraulic Hose
Crimped Air Conditioning Hose
Crimped Brake Line Hose
Crimped Quick Connect Fuel Line Hose
Hose Crimping Die SetHose Crimping Die SetCrimped Power Steering LineCrimped Fuel LineCrimped Hydraulic HoseCrimped Air Conditioning HoseCrimped Brake Line HoseCrimped Quick Connect Fuel Line Hose

S1087 Crimp Die Sets

Lomar S1087 crimp die-sets produce crimped hose and tube assemblies to original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M.) specifications.

Die Sets can be custom made in four, six and eight segment crimp styles. Each die set crimps to specific tolerances without operator adjustments.

In addition, the open design easily accommodates assemblies with varying tube configurations and end-fittings that do not lend themselves to conventional crimping equipment. You can specify the die-sets in front or side loading models.

Single and double insertion and crimp die-sets are available that combine the insertion of the tube assembly into the fluid conveyance hose and then crimps the assembly all within one operation.


• Single Crimp Die Sets

• Double Crimp Die Sets

• Part Orientation Fixtures

• Insertion & Crimp Die Sets

• Part Present Sensors


Ready to get started?

Make sure to have the following items handy when making your request for quote:

  • Crimp specification
  • Ferrule print
  • Hose print
  • Tube endform print
  • Sample part – crimped
  • Assembly print (with coordinates)
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