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S1129 Rotary Draw Bender With Stand
S1129 Rotary Draw Bender With Stand
S1129 Rotary Draw Tube Hand Bender
S1129 Rotary Draw Bender With StandS1129 Rotary Draw Tube Hand Bender

S1129 Hand Bender

The Lomar S1129 hand bender ideally suits prototype and small lot bending, especially when trying out CNC bend tooling.

Quick change Lomar tooling eliminates the need for hand tools. It provides a complete bending setup in five minutes or less.

The tube bend angle “hard stop” is infinitely adjustable to match the bend angle you need.

The open construction makes operation possible from either side.
You can order the S1129 as a right or left hand bender. In addition, it is convertible using standard hand tools. You can change from a right to a left hand bender in 10 minutes, or less.

The S1129 bender construction uses all industrial grade materials for proven reliability and long service life.




  • A/C Lines
  • Brake Lines
  • Fuel Lines
  • Hydraulic Lines
  • Transmission Oil Cooler Lines



  • 1/4” (C.L.R. .50)
  • 5/16” (C.L.R. .62)
  • 3/8” (C.L.R. 75)
  • 1/2” (C.L.R. 1.00)
  • 5/8” (C.L.R. 1.25)
  • 3/4” (C.L.R. 1.50)

SHIPPING WEIGHT: Approximately 175 lbs

DIMENSIONS: 31″ wide by 25″ deep


The quick change Lomar tooling provides fast set-ups without hand tools. The clamp and pressure dies use a “drop-in” design and manual lock-ups. Clamp pressures adjust easily with hand knobs. The bend die is installed and held in place using a hand wheel and draw bar. In addition, you can use the same bend die for right or left hand bending. You simply turn it upside down to match your tube bending orientation.


  • S1129-50 Pedestal stand
  • S1129-36″ Bed with Tube Orientation device
  • Mandrel Attachment

Ready to get started?

Make sure to have the following items handy when making your request for quote:

  • Tube Material
  • Tube O.D.
  • Tube Wall Thickness
  • Tube assembly drawing (with coordinates)
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