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Six Hit Tube Endforming Machine
Six Hit Tube Endforming Machine
Tube End Forming With Robotic Automation
Lubricants For Tube End Forming
Six Hit Tube Endforming MachineTube End Forming With Robotic AutomationLubricants For Tube End Forming

S1183 Endformer

Lomar’s S1183 hydraulic endformer is a six hit machine with standard clamping set-up and is also available with secondary clamping set-up.

The six position servo indexing tool head allows the operator to program one hit or up to six hits.  The tool head can also be indexed in either direction allowing for minimal cycle times or to accommodate multiple tooling set-ups.




  • Bead Locks
  • Dual Plane Seals
  • Captured O-Ring
  • O-Ring Seals
  • Female Spring Lock
  • Male Spring Lock
  • Reductions
  • Expansions


ELECTRICAL: Per customer requirements

MACHINE CYCLE TIME: Variable; application dependent

NOISE LEVEL: 85 dBa at operator station


SHIPPING WEIGHT: Approximately 5,000 lbs

DIMENSIONS: 50″ wide by 80″ deep


  • HMI Operator Screen
  • 1 to 6 hits – Operator programmable
  • Adjustable Flag Stop
  • Flood Lubrication
  • Accepts industry standard tooling
  • 10 or 15 ton hydraulic ram


  • Autoload tube hopper/loader
  • Component Bowl Feeders
  • Robot integration and transfer systems
  • Part present sensors
  • Operator touch screen interface
  • CE/CSA/NR12 compliance


Ready to get started?

Make sure to have the following information when making your request for quote:

  • Endform specification (i.e. SAE, Ford, GM)
  • Endform print
  • Material specification
  • Tube diameter
  • Wall thickness
  • Component prints (i.e. block, ferrule, coupling, ect.)
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