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S1099C Rotary Draw Bender
S1099C Rotary Draw Bender

S1099C Model with optional Quick Release Tube Gripper and Digital Readout for linear travel.

Quick Change Tube Bender Tooling
S1099C Rotary Draw BenderQuick Change Tube Bender Tooling

S1099 Rotary Draw Bender

The Lomar S1099A and S1099C model benders suits both prototype bending and small lot production applications.

Both models offer quick change tooling eliminating the need for hand tools and provides a complete bending setup in five minutes or less.

The S1099A model includes a basic 5-C collet for tube clamping and a 360 degree scale for tube orientation.

The S1099C model offers a level operated collet for tube clamping and a rack & pinion movement to set degree of rotation along with adjustable hard stops for repeatability for small lot production.

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