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Tube End Forming Machines

Lomar Tube Endforming Machines

Lomar offers a complete line of tube end forming machines with standard tube clamp up or with secondary tube clamp up. Choose from single hit machines, up to six hit machines. Available with servo shuttle tool head for flexibility and higher production rates required for today's manufacturing environment.

Lomar End Form Samples

End Form Tooling Development

Our development staff will start with your endform drawing, provide concept drawings, set-up information and part progressions. Then help provide you with the appropriate equipment to meet your production requirements and budget.

• PunchesLomar End Form tooling

• Clamp Blocks

• Sliding Clamp Blocks

• Roll Tooling

• Secondary Clamp Tooling

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"Let our engineering team assist you with the design and development of tooling for all of your end forming requirements."


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