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Lomar S1183 Series EndFormer.






Staff Directory

Ron Geisman - President Email: ron.geisman@lomar.com
Chuck Murphy - Vice President Email: chuck.murphy@lomar.com
Mark Shirkey - Dir of Operations Email: mark.shirkey@lomar.com
James Scott - Sales Manager Email: james.scott@lomar.com
John Barnes- Sales Engineer Email: john.barnes@lomar.com
Steve Kusisto - Sales Engineer Email: steve.kusisto@lomar.com
Chip May - Rack & Pinion Sales Email: chip.may@lomar.com
Gary Gillett - Cust. Service Mgr. Email: gary.gillett@lomar.com
Kelly Kohn - Marketing Manager Email: kelly.kohn@lomar.com
Todd Pelton - Engineering Manager Email: todd.pelton@lomar.com
Bill Wells - Purchasing Manager Email: bill.wells@lomar.com
John Smoyer - Quality Manager Email: john.smoyer@lomar.com
Randy Hunter - IT Manager Email: randy.hunter@lomar.com
Matt McCarty- Assembly Mgr. Email: matt.mccarty@lomar.com
Tim Murphy - Machining Manager Email: tim.murphy@lomar.com
Jeff Heath - Fabrication Manager Email: jeff.heath@lomar.com
Art Krallman - Electrical Supervisor Email: art.krallman@lomar.com

Direct Ship Programs

Bob Laipply - Direct Ship Manager Email: bob.laipply@lomar.com
Matt Murphy - Program Manager Email: matt.murphy@lomar.com
Mandy Hunter - Program Manager Email: mandy.hunter@lomar.com
Charlie Bryant - Tech Support Email: charlie.bryant@lomar.com
Dustin Dear - Tech Support Email: dustin.dear@lomar.com
Brenda Kaiser - Customer Service Email: brenda.kaiser@lomar.com

General Capabilities: