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Equipment Models:

- Helium

- Pressure Decay

- Under Water


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Leak Testers

Leak Testing EquipmentLomar manufacturers a variety of leak testers including Helium Leak Testers, utilized in testing fluid handling lines for potential leaks at brazed joints, crimped hose to metal connections and O-ring connection joints.

Pressure decay testers are utilized for vessels and fluid handling lines.

Under water leak testers can be used for a wide variety of applications and rely on visual inspection during test cycles.

All testers are customized for each application and test parameters. Choose from a completely dedicated cell for high volume applications, or select a versatile tester with interchangeable tables for lower volume applications.


• A/C Lines • Fuel Lines • Fuel Filler Necks
• Brake Lines • Hydraulic Lines • Power Steering Lines
• Air Bag Tubes • Heater Cores • HVAC Components

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