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Lomar offers a line of lubricants for end forming, roll grooving and stamping of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

LM Lube 200

Medium to heavy-duty drawing and stamping fluid with extreme pressure additives for ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

LM Lube 300

Heavy-duty drawing and stamping fluid with a high amount of extreme pressure additives. LM Lube 300 utilizes EP additives chlorine and phosphorous that will provide superior performance when drawing and forming difficult stainless steel applications.

LM Lube 400

Heavy-duty evaporative forming lubricant with extreme pressure additives including sulfur. LM Lube 400 may be used on copper, steel and aluminum material. LM Lube 400 is particularly designed for fin stamping and end sheet production in shops which do not clean their coils. LM Lube 400 is compatible with most painting and brazing operations as well as being compatible with most refrigerants.

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Lubricants are available in 1-gallon, 5- gallon, 55-gallon and bulk containers.




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