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Dedicated Benders


• A/C Lines
• Air Bag Tubes
• Brake Lines
• Fuel Lines
• Furniture
• Gear Shift Levels
• Head Rest
• Hydraulic Lines
• Power Steering
• Refrigeration



Lomar designs and manufactures manual, semi and fully automated dedicated benders for a variety of applications.

Benders are designed utilizing CAD software and part coordinates. A few of the standard features include; maintenance free/lube free gibs and slides, forward and retract sensors to assure full stroke of cylinders for repeatable bends.

Additional options and features include; auto load tube hoppers, part length check, seam detection and orientation, hole punching, sizing and forming. Light curtains, pneumatic and/or hydraulic powered and bend mandrels.

Product Literature



"Let Lomar's development team assist with the design and development of tooling for all
of your bending requirements."