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S1197 Roll Groove Machine

Lomar-S1197-Servo-Roll-GrooverThe Lomar S1197 Dual Servo Roll Groove machine allows an operator to quickly and independently adjust the diameter and position of the roll grooves, in addition speed and feed rates.

Our operator interface has the ability to store multiple part numbers enabling the operator to make simple part-to-part changes including diameter changes from 5/16" to 3/4" diameter tubing when utilizing the same roll form configuration.

The S1197 comes standard with a flood lubrication system and an opti-touch cycle start button for manual load and unload operation. The S1197's robust industrial design is ideal for today's manufacturing environments.

Features & Options:

• Flood Lubrication • Pneumatic Clamp Up • Dual Servo's
• Touch Screen Controls • Manual or Auto Load • Robot Integration
• Parts Hoppers • Quick Change Tooling • Light Curtains

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