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S1138 Rotary Endfomer

S1138 Rotary End Form Machine - LomarThe S1138 Multi-Hit Hydraulic End Former represents one of many machine design innovation from Lomar. The S1138 makes a revolutionary leap forward in endforming technology by incorporating rapid endforming, roll grooving, and cutting operations in one machine. The Lomar S1138 utilizes an 8-station rotational indexing turret, which incorporates up to 8 individual sets of clamp tooling. Station 1 is a load position, stations 2 through 7 are "work" end form stations, and station 8 is an unload station. Once clamped, the work piece is not released or re-clamped until all operations on that piece are completed. With each 45° index of the turret, a new work piece is loaded at the first station, and a finished piece is unloaded at the eighth station.

The result of this manufacturing process is a complete, finished part, with up to 6 endform operations, without excessive diameter reduction, in 3 - 5 seconds.

Features & Options:

• Hydraulic Rams • Hydraulic Tube Clamp • Servo Indexing
•Touch Screen Controls • Auto Load / Unload • Quick Change Tooling
• Parts Feeders • Servo Roll Grooving • Cutting Operations

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