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S1133 Radial Crimp Machine

S1133 Radial Crimp Machine - LomarThe powerful Lomar S1133 high production crimp machine adapts especially well to crimping operations that require attaching bent or long tubes to hose.

The "open throat" design allows you to "top load" an assembly, rather than load it through the front of a conventional radial crimp ring. The hydraulic unit is integrated to the machine. This compact design saves space allowing it to fit very well within a production cell.

Machine is easily customized to meet specific applications and regulatory requirements such as CE and CSA. Tooling and fixtures are designed to provide proper part orientation during crimping process.


Features & Options

• Open Throat • 8 Jaw Profile • Self Contained
• 25 Ton Capacity • Compact - Portable • Light Curtains

Product Literature



"Let our crimp development team assist you with the design and development of tooling for all of your crimping requirements."