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S1112 Radial Crimp Machine

Lomar S1112 Open throat radial crimp machineThe S1112 open throat radial crimp machine allows for front or top loading of assemblies to be crimped providing quick loading and removal of crimped assemblies. The radial design of the S1112 crimping head assures a superior crimped fitting due to the uniform convergence of all jaws at the same rate of travel.

Crimp machine is easily customized to meet specific applications and regulatory requirements such as CE and CSA. Tooling and fixtures are designed to provide proper part orientation during crimping process.



Features & Options

• Open Throat • 4, 6 or 8 Jaw Segments • Small Footprint
• Self Contained • Horizontal Light Curtains • Vertical Light Curtains

Product Literature



"Let our crimp development team assist you with the design and development of tooling for all of your crimping requirements."