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S1095 Die Set Crimp Machines

Lomar_S1095_Crimp_Machine_ImageThe S1095 Crimp Press is an industrial quality hydraulic operated press that is designed specifically for die set crimping operations and will give years of trouble free service.

Available in 3" and 5" stroke, 15-ton and 25-ton models. The Lomar S1095 Crimp machine coupled with Lomar S1087 Die Sets can consistently produce factory crimped hose/ tube assemblies to O.E.M. Specifications.

Crimp machines are easily customized to meet specific applications and regulatory requirements such as CE and CSA. Tooling and fixtures are designed to provide proper part orientation during crimping process.

Features & Options

• Self Contained Hydraulic System • Quick Tooling Change
• Vertical Light Curtains • Horizontal Light Curtains
• Double Insertion & Crimp Die-Sets • Mandrel Attachments

Product Literature


"Let our crimp development team assist you with the design and development of tooling for all of your crimping requirements."